African Humanitarian Solidarity Programme

Prisoners Feeding & Health Scheme

We aim to provide food, health and other basic needs items (toiletries & clothing as is appropriate) to political prisoners locked up across five different jails (Yaoundé, Douala, Buea, Bamenda, Bafoussam).

Refugee Empowerment Programme

Our goal is to assist refugees to settle down in their new-found locations, especially those in Nigeria, through the provision of books and school supplies for children. We also support the creation of cooperatives to run projects that will transfer skills and empower adults in becoming economically independent in a sustainable manner.

Internally Displaced Empowerment Programme. (IDEP)

Our intention is to design and implement projects that will assist IDP’s to resettle and become economically active and independent individuals.

Awareness Creation & Advocacy Programme (ACAP)

We would like to create awareness about the incomplete decolonization provoked war in the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia with the aim of building partnerships and offering solutions that deal with the root causes of the conflict. Our aim is to identify long-lasting solutions.

Governance Readiness Agenda-Programme (GRAP)

We will lead the process of diagnosis in designing a post-war governance system with well-designed policies and programmes. Through expert consultation, we will determine the post conflict systems, institutions, and policies we are inheriting. We will then identify necessary reforms that would need to happen to design the kinds of policies, programmes and institutions that represent the national democratic prosperous society we seek to create.